Lip Print Reading with Well People

Unleashing the Power of Experiential Marketing: How to Connect with Media in a Memorable Way

Launching a new product is an exciting and pivotal moment for any business. It’s a chance to showcase the hard work and dedication that went into creating something special. It’s your chance to share it with the world. When it comes to getting your new product out there, one of the most effective ways is through media coverage. This is where planning a memorable launch event or experience for the media becomes crucial.

But in this fast paced world, inviting journalists to a themed brand activation may not be enough to capture their attention. Incorporating interactive elements into your launch event is key in engaging and exciting the media. It’s not about them experiencing the product, but experiencing it in a meaningful way.

As an entertainer, mentalist and oracle expert, I collaborated with We Are Shadow & Well People to debut their Lush Lip Tinted Oil. Editors and influencers were invited to the famous Ripped Bodice in Brooklyn. The event was scheduled around Valentine’s Day and what better way to launch a lip product than through an event filled with romance, individuality and inspiration?

Unleashing the Power of Experiential Marketing

Guests were treated to nourishing lip care advice while they sipped cocktails. Enjoyed a live reading by Author Georgia Clark. Experts helped guests select a lip oil hue to complement their natural beauty. All this set the mood and created a sense of excitement. The most important part of the night was when guests experienced the Lip Oil by having a Lip Print Reading with me!

From the moment the guests received their perfect hue, they were anticipating what they would learn from their lip print. My Modern Divination focuses on the art of living. These exclusive guests gained enlightening insights into their lives. Which fostered an intimate and purposeful connection between the product. A one-of-a-kind experience tailored for them.

My lip readings received an overwhelmingly positive response. Guests walked away feeling inspired and empowered by the uplifting messages. The buzz around the event was not to miss having this experience with me.

Breaking through the Noise: Creating Unique and Inspiring Connections

These days editors and influencers get invited to all kinds of events. It’s important for your brand to stand out. Treat exclusive guests to an event that helps them feel invested in your brand. Create a deeper connection with the product.

Providing a unique personal experience is the best way to generate buzz for your new product. You’re providing them with content that they will excitedly share. In turn, their audience will be eager to experience your product.

Transform Your Marketing Strategy with Raven’s Lip Print Readings

The next time you are product launch brainstorming think of forming these crucial connections. It could be the key that transforms your next product launch from okay to outstanding.

Looking for exclusive experiences that will connect the media to your product in a unique and inspiring way? I love to create Bespoke Readings & styles of Divination that will create positive & lasting impressions with your exclusive guests. Contact me today to brainstorm some ideas and for a free quote.

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