Happiness Jar

It was the 2017 holiday season, scrolling through Pinterest a photo title happiness jar intrigued me . Through the entire holiday season, that silly little jar stayed in my mind and I even talked to some people about it.  I had no idea this small Idea could have such a big Impact.

So come early January 2018, I dug in. The original happiness jar  idea started with Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, Pray, Love”. According to Gilbert jars can be made out of anything.

I grabbed a leftover mason jar out of the closet, a cube pad and pen. I didn’t spend time to decorate or even label the jar, I just kept everything together to see if it was something I would really engage in.

Throughout 2018, whenever I experienced something that made me feel happy, excited, accomplished, special or just something positive that I wanted to remember, I made a note. A tiny folded slip of paper with the date and exactly what made me happy.

What kinds of things did I write:

    • Catching up with a friend/family on the phone or in person
      (Being on the road most of the year, I don’t get to see those I care about as much as I desire)
    • Finishing a book I really wanted to read
    • Being hired for an event I was super excited to be a part of
    • Visiting a new place I’d never been
    • Creating something new
    • Getting a thoughtful testimonial from a client

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d have that much to write, but wow, that jar really filled up! So much so, I almost couldn’t close the lid.

It’s New Year’s Eve, Larry & I poured a glass of wine, opened the jar and took turns reading each paper of happy moments throughout the year. It was such a special way to close out the year and  busy holiday season.

I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, there were challenges, but this small idea “the happiness jar” had a such a positive impact on me that night. It was the lens that allowed me look back on the year in a way I never had before and I honestly thought…wow, what an amazing year!

Happiness Jar 2.0

So when January 2019 rolled around,  I was thinking. It time to make my happiness jar reflect the special place it had in my life. An upgrade was required!

It was super easy to do and very affordable. One visit to the craft store and I had most of what I needed.

    • A larger jar
    • The sticker on the front I found in pack of stickers in the scrap booking section
    • The burlap ribbon was also in the scrap booking section
    • Glue dots to stick the ribbon on the jar

It took me, maybe, 30 minutes to put everything together. I had a variety of stickers and ribbons to give myself options. I used a little tape to temporarily put the jar together and took photos of each version so I could look at all my options and select my favorite. This is what I came up with.

I can’t wait until New Year’s Eve to go through all the papers. It is my hope that this post has inspired you to create your own happiness jar & find the same gratitude, appreciation and happiness that I’ve experienced.

This is one of the best habits, besides practicing mindfulness, that I have incorporated into my life. It reminds me to take pause. Appreciate the good. Then I get a chance to experience those  good moments, all over again, at the end of the year.


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