Tarot Readings for Old Navy’s Spring Collection

This week I had the pleasure of being a part of Old Navy’s 70’s Revival Spring collection Launch for fashion editors, influencers and the media. They were looking for entertainment that would be personalized and fit the fun, cool, relaxing theme of their event. My insightful and inspirational Tarot Readings were the perfect fit.

They had the venue set-up beautifully, really transforming it into another world of peace and love. Of course my favorite part was getting to give readings in an enchanting tee-pee. It created a special space for the readings and gave guests a bit of privacy to enjoy their time with me.


Tarot Readings Old Navy’s Spring Collection


With the invitees quickly coming in and out to see the collection, experience a little pampering and then be on their way I was super busy. I kept my readings to about 5 minutes so I work with the constant flow of guests that wanted a little peace and love and then had to get back to their day.

It was an absolutely lovely event and I am so glad to have been a part of it.


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