Bespoke Skincare Activation – World of Kiehl’s Product Launch

I love being a part of events that have a strong theme, decor & message. It’s like being a part of another world and is always so much fun. This Kiehl’s event was one of the best product launches I have ever been a part of.

I was called on to create customized fortune telling to help Kiehl’s launch their new men’s product line to editors, bloggers & the media from all over the world.

The theme was set in the 50’s-60’s Mad Men era, focusing on men being dapper & clean cut while featuring products that can help them easily achieve that.

The event was highly experiential, like a sleep-no-more. 632 on Hudson in New York City was the perfect venue for it. An ideal location to take you away from the modern, hustle & bustle of the city and transform you into a quiet relaxing world of soothing experiences.

They desired a mystical, interactive & inspiring activation. They wanted it to complement the worldly aspect of Kiehl’s while being consistent with the venue and not too on-the-nose psychic. My divination was to give guests the experience of exploring…exploring your life and what’s to come.

With all the vintage luggage & decor, I created customized vintage key readings…

The Seven Keys – Old Keys Open New Doors
What’s your next adventure?

My customized fortune telling was the perfect activation for this corporate event! The keys were something tactile that guests could playfully interact with, while receiving inspirational messages about what’s next on their journey in life. This created quite a buzz throughout the event. Most importantly, it left the guests with a positive feeling that they connected to the Kiehl’s brand.



I’d love to help you make your brand stand out with bespoke fortune telling and entertainment. Feel free to contact me about how I can make your next media event a success.

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