Raven & Vera Wang

Palm and Tarot Readings at Vera Wang’s Lovestruck Launch Event

Recently, Vera Wang had her Lovestruck Fragrance Media Launch Party at the James Hotel in NYC. I had the pleasure of being the Palm and Tarot Reader for this four-star event.

There were journalists and editors from all the major magazines & websites : Elle, Vogue, Star, People. You name them, they were there. It was a party not to be missed.

It was a beautifully designed event and a gorgeous night at the rooftop lounge. The media was all a buzz and I designed my readings to be in line with the theme of the fragrance: love and passion.

At these events I usually read for the guests and media, which is always fun. The celebrities are usually busy hosting, taking photos and giving interviews. I understand that, these events are about the products and the names behind the products.

This was not going to be a traditional media event for me. Mid party, I was notified that Vera Wang wanted to sit with me. A few minutes later, Vera and her people came over and sat with me for a reading.

So not only did I have the opportunity to give her a reading, but she stayed and chatted with me for a bit as well. If you were wondering, and I know you are, she is a wonderfully sweet and charming person and I enjoyed my time with her.

But the excitement wasn’t over. Later in the night, I was again notified that Leighton Meester wanted to sit with me as well. So I had the pleasure to meet the star of the fragrance campaign and the popular TV show, “Gossip Girl”.

Not only did I get to read Leighton’s palm, which was a fun experience. We did a lot of laughing. I was also part of the media’s big photo shoot of her getting a psychic reading.

The next day the internet was all a buzz. Talking about the fabulous party and Vera Wang & Leighton Meester’s psychic readings with me. I was even captured in the September 19th issue of Star Magazine reading Leigton Meester’s palm.

It was a super busy night and I had such a great time. I look forward to seeing Vera Wang again.

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