Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret Event

Wow, what a rewarding event! I performed my Palm Readings for the Victoria’s Secret summer festival-inspired party. All this fun and frivolity was to raise money for Pelotonia.

It’s a very popular event at the VS headquarters and drew about 700 Associates. In their summer inspired theme, they constructed a teepee for me. It was amazing. They included pretty pillows and poufs that made the teepee a cozy place to get a reading among all the music and excitement.

I had a line of excited party-goers before the event officially started. I kept my readings to a strict five minutes per person and didn’t stop for a moment. The associates were absolutely amazed at the amount of information I could share in such a short period of time and still share some words of inspiration for them to take away.

At the end of the event, I still had a few associates looking to get a quick reading and I don’t like to leave guests disappointed. I performed one final group reading and everyone left happy. The organizers were so pleased and I helped to raise money for a great cause. I look forward to going back next year.

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