Montblanc Makes a Unique and Inspiring Connection Through Handwriting

My most recent event was another custom fortune telling collaboration. Montblanc was participating in “The Casually Refined: A Men’s Event” at the Galleria in Houston, TX.

The goal was to create a customized handwriting analysis activation that would have guests experiencing their iconic & most revered luxury writing instruments. They also wanted to build and deepen their client relationships with an exciting in-person experience.

Providing guests with the ability to use their pens made my job easy. I tailored my handwriting analysis to include each client’s selection of writing instrument. Guests received enlightening and thoughtful insights into their personalities along with a bit of motivation for them to keep in mind while moving forward on their journey. This helped to create quite a connection with Montblanc.

This was such a gratifying project! Each of Montblanc’s writing instruments have such interesting muses and charming stories behind them. Both men & women guests were able to find a little bit of themselves in each of the pens they chose.

The actual event was also a blast! The male guests were super excited to experience my handwriting analysis. They also took great delight experiencing one of the luxurious writing instruments. They got a kick out of the surprise inspiration and motivation that their selection of pen included.

Most of the men enjoyed it so much they made sure to bring their spouses, partners and friends over to take part. I was busy all night.

From the thoughtful testimonial I received after, I was the busiest activation at the event…

“You were amazing at The Galleria Men’s Event. Your professionalism, your energy and atmosphere you created was unmatched!

I really appreciated that you not only came in town to do the event, but prepared yourself a month ahead with all the product knowledge and research prior. Once you got here, you even came to our boutique to meet with us, use the product in preparation and got to know our staff that will be working alongside of you. That extra mile that you took meant the world to us!

As if you couldn’t be any more amazing, we were so blown away at the event by you! The line in front of our Montblanc podium was the spectacle of the night! Every client that spoke with us about the reading kept telling us how accurate and amazing you were.

It brought sales to our boutique not only that night, but even the weekend that followed because the reading made the clients feel even more connected o a personal level to the piece than they did before. People still asked about you during the days to follow!”

Jie Li | Sales Manager | Montblanc at Houston Galleria

I am thankful to have had the experience to collaborate and create custom fortune telling with Montblanc. What a wonderful experience, with some wonderful people!

It’s no surprise, with what I do for a living, that my favorite writing instrument was the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Solitaire Doué LeGrand Rollerball. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, but it’s inspired by the story “The Little Prince”.

Looking for entertainment that will connect clients to your brand in a unique and inspiring way? I can tailor my Modern Divination to create a positive lasting impression for your brand. Contact me today to brainstorm some ideas and for a free quote.

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