The Odd Ball - Real Artways

Oddball Event Celebrates Creativity with Handwriting & Sketch Analysis

Every year Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT presents the Odd Ball, a celebration of creativity and community.

It’s a wonderful event allowing guests to not only get dressed up, but get involved. It’s not just an event you attend, it’s an event you experience.

The theme of this year was Paper. I have performed at this event in past years and the people always dress in the most amazingly creative costumes. This year was no different. People made their costumes mostly out of paper.

With a paper theme comes doodles and those doodles NEED to be interpreted, so I did. They had my area set up as a classroom and I dressed as the teacher that everyone was going to come up and see for their interpretations.

My classroom was one the of busiest parts of the event. I met some really interesting people that created the most visual drawings. And the best part? I got to hang all the lovely drawings on the wall behind me.

What a wonderful night of art, music, dance and fun! If you’re in the Hartford, CT area, you should definitely check out Real Artways as they always have such fun, unique and participatory events.

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